ADIS 2018 - New Pathways Illuminated To Pursue
In The Coming Year

FULL REPORT - ADIS 2018 Summary & Action

Key Areas Among the Outcomes of the Symposium:

  1. Impact and Innovation Program 
    We are delighted to announce that the African Diaspora Network has officially launched the Impact and Innovation program. The program is created to address the challenge of the...
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African Diaspora Network’s vision is to coalesce and fuel a global community of Africans and friends of Africa connected by a common purpose: to accelerate economic growth and social welfare in Africa for the benefit of its inhabitants. Our mission is to harness and engage the intellectual, financial, philanthropic, and entrepreneurial capacity of Africans and friends of Africa in support of economic and social development across the Continent.

ADN has a first-mover advantage. We are the first organization to bring together a global network of Africans and friends of Africa connecting entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and leaders of nonprofit organizations, corporations, and official development agencies to learn, engage, and co-create possibilities. Our tangible results have cemented us a trusted partner that provides real value despite operating with a small team of largely self-funded volunteers to date.

The Benefits of Membership

Our membership base consists of leaders from a wide range of expertise, ranging from investment to entrepreneurship, from technology to agriculture, from community development to policy. The website’s functional communication tools and professional messaging platform expedite the process of deepening dialogue and action on a global scale.

  • Password protected individualized access to the platform
  • Ability to post your picture, bio, needs, and interest
  • Ability to send email to fellow members (without seeing their email address). We care about individual privacy and as such you will only see contact name and basic demographics including individuals expertise. Note that the person to whom you are sending email reserves the right to accept or decline your invitation
  • Safe forum to explore opportunities, float ideas, challenge thinking, develop engagement skills
  • Free access to ADN Forums and events
  • 20% discount to ADIS annual symposium
  • Discounts to partner events
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Our Commitment to the Silicon Valley Ecosystem
  • Successfully completed three African Diaspora Investment Symposiums, gathering 750+ leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe, resulting in increased involvement and fruitful partnerships
  • Launched the first Impact & Innovation Program with initial awardees of ten Builders of Africa Entrepreneurs
  • Contributing to the Silicon Valley Diversity and Inclusion Ecosystem - we are known for our ability to bring global communities together
  • Enabled at least 10 new investment and capacity-building initiatives for Africa grassroots organizations, the Diaspora, and friends of Africa
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