Fifth African Diaspora Investment Symposium

January 23-25, 2020, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA - Silicon Valley

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“Partnerships and Policies for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Investment.”
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African Diaspora Network on County of Santa Clara Budget Appropriation FY 2019-2020

African Diaspora Network receives fiscal support from
the County of Santa Clara as a funded board priority

African Diaspora Network a Recipient of eBay Foundation 2019 Global Give Grant

African Diaspora Network will partner with eBay to provide a platform for mentorship for African entrepreneurs


African Diaspora Network is an organization that inspires, empowers, and brings together African entrepreneurs both in Silicon Valley and on the continent. The organization’s mission will change the way in which we think about entrepreneurial investments to create more jobs, wealth, and innovations, which are critical to developing economic stability on the African continent,” said Helen Kim, Vice President of Business Operations of Product and Technology at eBay, who led the eBay team that nominated ADN through Global Give. “I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion at the African Diaspora Investment Symposium this year, where I was inspired by the entrepreneurs and the possibilities they are creating for increasing global economic impact. Through collective collaboration, we will create access to resources that foster partnership, knowledge-sharing, and advance investment opportunities.

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Dialogue on Africans in the Diaspora with Twum Djin,
Chairman of ADN, and Almaz Negash, Executive Director

Amplifying Africa Masterclass from African Diaspora Network on Vimeo.

Purpose of capital session from African Diaspora Network on Vimeo.

2019 ADIS Summary and Action Report

ADIS 2019  summary and action report

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Our membership base consists of leaders from a wide range of expertise, ranging from investment to entrepreneurship, from technology to agriculture, from community development to policy. The platform's communication and messaging tools expedite the process of deepening dialogue and action on a global scale.

  • Password protected individualized access to the platform
  • Post your profile photo, bio, and interests
  • Ability to send email to fellow members (without seeing their email address). For privacy you will only see contact name and basic demographics including individuals field of expertise.
  • A forum to explore opportunities,  challenge thinking and develop ideas
  • Free access to ADN Forums and events
  • Discount to ADIS annual symposium
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Our Commitment to the Silicon Valley Ecosystem
  • Successfully completed four African Diaspora Investment Symposiums, gathering 1200+ leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe, resulting in increased involvement, knowledge exchange and fruitful partnerships
  • Developed Builders of Africa's Future Pipeline of early stage for-profit and not-for-profits that are addressing Africa’s unique needs through technology or differentiated business models.
  • Scaled its Impact & Innovations Speakers Series to Washington, D.C. and New York
  • Contributing to the Silicon Valley Diversity and Inclusion Ecosystem - we are known for our ability to bring global communities together
  • Our organization enabled at least 15 new investment and capacity-building initiatives for Africa grassroots organizations, the Diaspora, as well as friends of Africa
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