African Diaspora INVESTMENT SYMPOSIUM 2017
ADIS2017,  January 27-28, 2017)



I am Almaz Negash, founder of the African Diaspora Network (ADN). As I invite you to register for the upcoming symposium, which takes place January 27th and 28th, 2017 at the newly remodeled Doubletree Hotel at the San Jose Airport, 2050 Gateway Pl, San Jose, Silicon Valley, California, allow me to share the passion and vision at the genesis of the African Diaspora Investment Symposium (ADIS).

ADIS is a two-day conference hosted by the African Diaspora Network to recognize and foster the entrepreneurial, innovative spirit of Africans in the Diaspora and their champions. The symposium is a catalyst for diaspora-driven initiatives and investment with the potential to shape the Continent’s future, as well as a platform to control the narrative about Africa.

For the upcoming edition, ADIS2017, you will engage with leaders and organizations facilitating successful African investments; shift venture capital portfolios towards high-growth Africa -focused companies, and interface with entrepreneurs working on impactful innovations that are transforming their region, Africa, and the world.

Hot Topics for ADIS 2017 include:

– Fintech and financial inclusion
– Investment exit strategies and risk mitigation
– The need for economic diversification and implications for renewable energy
– The critical value of women entrepreneurs

I strongly invite all entrepreneurs, investors and social change agents invested or curious about Africa to register.

Warmest regards,

Almaz Negash
Founder of the African Diaspora Network


Eric V. Guichard, CEO, Homestrings, and Key Sponsor of African Diaspora Investment Symposium 2016
What a great job you have done! Your team and the event were splendid. We should endeavor to make this an annual event. We will be with you all the way.
Musimbi Kanyoro, Ph.D., CEO, Global Fund for Women
Being present at the African Diaspora Investment Symposium assured me that there is another way of telling the story of Africa. My commitment to supporting the vision of Almaz Negash for the formation of ADN grew in leaps and bounds. I want to be part of birthing a new future for Africa.

Sara Yousefnejad Gallagher, Program Officer, IdEA
The African Diaspora Investment Symposium in Silicon Valley was a tremendous event
bringing together the African diaspora and friends of Africa to discuss actionable opportunities to contribute to entrepreneurial ecosystems on the continent and support development overall. Congratulations to the African Diaspora Network and fearless leader Almaz Negash on an incredibly rich, engaging, and meaningful convening—one of the top diaspora dialogues we have been involved with!