A Few Testimonials From ADIS 2018

In their own words...

Josh Ghaim, Ph.D. - Chief Technology Officer, Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer

ADIS 2018 was an incredible experience that is close to my roots and was full of exciting conversations surrounding how we can make a difference in building the future of Africa.

Nicholas Bassey - USAID and ADIS2018 Master of Ceremonies

The 3rd annual ADIS aims to magnify what is within in order to create high impact innovative businesses in Sub Saharan Africa. We aim to build networks and engage in thoughtful and meaningful discussions on how to build foundations on the African continent.

Siddharth Chatterjee - UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative, Kenya Co-Chairman of the SDG Partnership Platform, Kenya

A most inspiring experience to have engaged an incredibly talented and successful pool of tech and investment savvy African Diaspora at the recent African Diaspora Investment Symposium hosted by the CEO Almaz Negash. Well plugged into this diaspora ecosystem were some of the most exciting thinkers, innovators and blended financiers that my colleagues and I from Kenya met in Silicon Valley including diverse faculties of Stanford, Berkeley, as well Google, Facebook, the Packard Foundation, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation etc.

Dr. Liesl Riddle - Associate Professor of Int’l Business and Int’l Affairs, George Washington

The African Diaspora Investment Symposium is emblematic of the increasing organization, mobilization, and dynamism of the African diaspora. I met audience members who had flown from various countries in Africa, Europe, and throughout the United States to attend the convocation of entrepreneurs, investors, NGO leaders, academics, and policymakers. The organization is launching a new platform to better enable its transnational members to communicate and distribute new ideas.

Frank Bashumika - RN BSN, MPH(c)

What a beautiful weekend! This past weekend I attended The African Diaspora Investment Symposium which opened my eyes and gave me a different perspective on the future of Africa. I have always looked forward to do something positive in Africa but I did not know where to start as I have been gone for over ten years. Therefore, I walked into this meeting with lots of questions but my questions were completely addressed. The successful stories that were shared gave me more than enough information and most importantly, I came out motivated than ever. Without a doubt, this, could not have been possible without the extraordinary efforts of Almaz and her team. Thank you.

Corinne Gray - MIT Sloan Fellow in Innovation and Global Leadership

I wanted to thank you for two truly special days at the ADIS. I've been to WEF in Davos. I've been to TED. I've been to a lot of conferences. Yet I find myself thinking that ADIS is one of the best conferences I've ever been to.
Like other conferences, ADIS had an impressive speaker lineup and attendee list. But what was different was that everyone was accessible. This isn't a conference; it's a community. A community coming together for a two-day "family reunion" ready to give and share. There was a spirit of warmth and openness. Most importantly there was a spirit of action. It was not just talk. I come away feeling truly inspired, uplifted, and refreshed. Thank you and I can't wait to see you again next year!

Radhika Shah - Co-President, Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs

Indeed, it was a family/vibrant community and everyone was so comfortable talking with each other and exploring synergies. It was a magical event.

Kennedy Jawoko - Founder, Media Peacebuilders

The panel sessions provided some of the crescendo. The concurrent sessions offered great practical insights, including how to effectively engage with investors in Silicon Valley and beyond who are becoming ever more powerful in determining the directions African startups. For me, there was a real ‘ah ha!’ moment when the audience was challenged to think bigger and bolder, and to magnify the stories of women entrepreneurs in Africa as part of the continent’s innovation engine. Moreover, Professor Liesl Riddle’s work about how a place or country of origin motivate diaspora-led investment made us think how we might use our influence to change lives in Africa.