2018 African Impact & Innovation Series

Lessons from Growth Leaders

Presented by the African Diaspora Network
Co-sponsored by The Frugal Innovation Hub at Santa Clara University

Why Africa? This forum provides a balanced perspective on the Africa growth story, current developments, and an outlook focused on opportunities and challenges for investors. The forum will include lessons from Growth Leaders on a practical approach to executing a growth strategy in Africa, based on E/Y's own experience and that of multinationals that have been successful in executing growth strategies on the continent.

On Saturday, April 28, the African Diaspora Network launched the first of the 2018 Africa Impact & Innovation Series with a presentation by James A. Newlands and Immaculate Nantale of Ernst & Young on "Why Africa and Lessons from Growth Leaders." The conversation, facilitated by Chairman of the Board Twum Djin, began by engaging the audience in recognizing existing, prevalent assumptions often made about the business landscape of Africa. Newlands dove into a two-hour conversation and Q&A that highlighted the complexity of navigating investment opportunities in 54 countries, concluding with effective growth strategies that illuminate the possibilities of creating profitable business ventures, known as the 7P's.

We thank James and Immaculate for an informative and engaging discussion that provides tangible takeaways on investment opportunities in Africa.

FULL REPORT - African Impact & Innovation Forum