The African Diaspora Network offers Africans and friends of Africa the opportunity to enhance their impact on the continent and grow professionally and personally.  As an online and offline social platform, ADN strives to promote dialogue and action on economic, education and social development in Africa.  We invite Africans from around the globe to collaborate with friends of Africa and all groups interested in Africa’s future.  We achieve this by sharing knowledge and forming partnerships via online and offline platforms through which we harness intellectual, financial, philanthropic and entrepreneurial capacity for the greater good of the continent. We strive to create a safe and trusted communications and knowledge sharing platform for:


The ADN will be a forum where organizations investing in Africa and African entrepreneurs can detail their projects, share business ideas/plans, and seek financial support.


The ADN platform is a vehicle for identifying new members and sources of income. Philanthropists can profile the work that they do and share experiences and best practices with like-minded individuals and organizations. Potential volunteers can identify organizations active in the countries they would like to work.


The ADN can serve as a clearinghouse, or hub, where donors and lenders can easily access information about ongoing and potential development or investment projects across Africa. The ADN is a conduit through which donors, lenders, and investors can meet for potential collaboration. However, ADN does not execute financial transaction nor do we promote specific investments.