The African Diaspora Network offers Africans and friends of Africa the opportunity to enhance their impact on the continent and grow professionally and personally.  As an online and offline social platform, ADN strives to promote dialogue and action on economic, education and social development in Africa.  We invite Africans from around the globe to collaborate with friends of Africa and all groups interested in Africa’s future.  We achieve this by sharing knowledge and forming partnerships via online and offline platforms through which we harness intellectual, financial, philanthropic and entrepreneurial capacity for the greater good of the continent. We strive to create a safe and trusted communications and knowledge sharing platform for:



The ADN will be a forum where organizations investing in Africa and African entrepreneurs can detail their projects, share business ideas/plans, and seek financial support.



The ADN platform is a vehicle for identifying new members and sources of income. Philanthropists can profile the work that they do and share experiences and best practices with like-minded individuals and organizations. Potential volunteers can identify organizations active in the countries they would like to work.



The ADN can serve as a clearinghouse, or hub, where donors and lenders can easily access information about ongoing and potential development or investment projects across Africa. The ADN is a conduit through which donors, lenders, and investors can meet for potential collaboration. However, ADN does not execute financial transaction nor do we promote specific investments.



[In Their Own Words]

Jenna M. O’Brien, Project Manager, Social Enterprise & Research, IDP Foundation, Inc. - 
“This was my first time attending ADIS and it was by far one of the best conferences on the African Diaspora and the Continent that I have been to; even better than those that I have attended in the country! I was made aware of organizations that I did not know existed, learned insights and lessons, and hope to turn introductions at ADIS into fruitful partnerships”

Ammin Youssouf, CEO & Impact Technologist - 
“In 2017, I attended ADIS for the first time. As an Afro-European based in Paris, I was delighted to discover so much enthusiasm and desire for doing business in Africa. ADIS offers the best return on investment for an African Conference attendee and ADIS 2018 is already on my agenda!” 

Olaf Hahn - 
“ADIS 2017 was incredibly insightful: most helpful on investment opportunities, and in bringing people together. As a ‘friend of Africa’, honored by membership with ADN, I have experienced the power of a Pan-African network, open to all who are keen to support the Mother Continent. As light came from the numerous discussions, the importance of education became clear as a key to Africa’s future. Great things still to come from ADIS!”

Toyin Umesiri, Global Trade Strategist, Wal-Mart - 
“By attending ADIS2017 I had the opportunity to connect with well accomplished Africans from around the world who share the same passion for Africa that I do. I believe Africa is rising because now more than ever Africans are leading the discussion on how to grow the economy of the different African countries. Through strategic partnerships, Africans in Diaspora have a unique role to play in helping to increase trade and investment in the region. Africa Diaspora Network (ADN) has the potential to become the platform that can help drive sustainable economic growth on the continent.”

Abbey S. Kocan, Executive Director, Kupona Foundation - 
“Congratulations to Almaz and team! ADIS2017 was an incredibly engaging two-day symposium, connecting leaders and doers from Africa and around the world, and stimulating honest discussion about the challenges and opportunities on the continent. Kupona Foundation was honored to be a part of this important dialogue. We look forward to exploring opportunities for further partnership.”

Akin Sawyerr, Feleman/FM Capital - 
“My experience at ADIS was phenomenal for many reasons but I’ll focus on one in particular.  I attended ADIS with an idea in mind that I hoped to validate while there. I believed that there is a pent-up demand within the diaspora for efficient ways to identify and invest in early and growth stage companies led by Africans and the African diaspora.  ADN was gracious enough to support me, and my partner Lydia, in organizing a dinner with a segment of participants interested in exploring this theory with us.  The quality feedback we received at the dinner and through conversations that happened over the two days encouraged us to pursue this idea further.”

Evelyn Nassuna, Co-founder, and CEO Shared Action Africa - 
“ADIS increased the visibility of Shared Action Africa, and I made great connections that we will leverage as we build our organization to use financial tools including financial technologies to expand economic opportunities for women and youth in rural sub-Saharan Africa.”